Smart Priming: Let’s make the most of your seeds!

Smart Priming is a new range of seed priming processes. This technology used by SEED IN TECH is based on a double innovation: patented formulations and a unique know-how. Smart Priming maximises the potentialities of varieties by improving germination performance: lifting of dormancy, speed and homogeneity of emergence and stimulation of germination in adverse conditions.

Compared to other priming processes available on the market, Smart Priming stands out by

– an improvement in the shelf life of primed seeds (> 2 years for tomato seeds) and

– a better health of seeds and young plants thanks to an effective and precise stimulation of defence mechanisms.

Smart Priming thus offers more flexibility to the logistic chains of seed lots (processing, storage and distribution) and positions itself as a new strategy for the adaptation of plants to abiotic and biotic constraints.

Smart Priming is adapted to a large number of species, varieties and batches and is a scalable solution that can be offered on different production routes (conventional, organic).

Smart Priming technology is aimed at all players in the seed and plant sector through the provision of services:

– Pilot study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the process on seed lots,

– Priming of whole batches to recover or optimise seed batches and

– Research services to develop new contract processes (new species, application of bio-solutions).


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