The SIVAL Innovation Competition has one sole goal: to award prizes for the most innovative equipment, products and services in the plant production sector..

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2) You will then have until October 14 to finalize your sales pitch and other elements of your application.

The main stages of the SIVAL INNOVATION competition

  • The competition is open for applications, and the submission of applications must be done before the evening of October 2, 2024. Each project will be submitted to an expert, chosen for his expertise, and specialising in the relevant field, who will formulate an opinion about: the degree of innovation, the advantages, and benefits of the solution. This opinion will act as an additional source of information for the judging panel.
  • A shortlist of projects will be produced on 22nd November. The projects retained (nominees) will be promoted across multiple platforms right up until the exhibition.
  • The final judging panel will reconvene on 10th December. The jury will consist of producers, technicians, journalists, and a few members of the SIVAL organizing committee.
  • Prizes will be awarded on the first day of the show, and prize winners will enjoy increased publicity throughout the trade show.

Competition categories

  • Varietal innovation (seeds and plants)
  • Plant, soil, and growing media health (biocontrol, biostimulant, fertiliser, mulch, and other solutions for plant and soil health)
  • Production equipment (supplies, small equipment, and production infrastructure pre-marketing)
  • Machines and automation (motorised machine and machine optimisation equipment)
  • Marketing solutions (marketing strategies, packaging, and other supplies and small materials)
  • Digital tools, data processing (digital applications, decision support tools (DST), modelling, traceability, recognition)
  • Collective approach and services (support, facilitation, and sharing solutions from production to marketing)

Why should I enter the competition?

Submitting your innovation to the competition will raise your company profile and promote your business dynamism.

Prize-winners will benefit from:

  • special publicity before, during and after SIVAL
  • Access to media coverage
  • a web-based storefront on, all year round.
  • Recognition from a leading competition in the plant production sector and additional opportunities to pitch to customers.

The 2025 key moments:

  • 17th of June 2024: opening of the competition
  • 2nd of October 2024: deadline for applications (phase 1)
  • 14th of October 2024: applications closed (phase 2)
  • 22nd of November 2024: Pre-selection Jury
  • 10th of December 2024: Final Jury


The 2024 SIVAL INNOVATION prize winners

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