The MSA’s occupational health and safety services have created the first website to support the design or fitting out of wine cellars through questions about human interventions:

With this tool, the MSA wishes to help winegrowers in their reflection and introduce questions relating to future work operations and their implementation at an early stage.

Simple, intuitive and free of charge, it can be consulted on any connected equipment: computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

This site allows winegrowers to keep control of their projects by providing recommendations on the approach to be implemented (keys to success) and knowledge on the various stages of a project.

This reflection allows them to reduce uncertainties and avoid pitfalls, to adapt the work to the users and to facilitate the conditions for carrying out the activity, to gain in performance, productivity, wine quality…

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Company name : CCMSA

Address : 19 RUE DE PARIS
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2022 SIVAL Gold medal winner

Company details

Company name: CCMSA

Address: 19 RUE DE PARIS CS 50070

Tel : 0141637777

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