Aptimiz is a patented solution for the automatic measurement and analysis of agricultural working time adapted to all crop production. Without requiring any data input, the solution is based on a Smartphone application or a sensor that automatically determines the activity that winegrowers, arborists or workers carry out and measures the time they spends on it. The farmer has absolutely no action to take, everything is done by itself: start-up, detection of the activity, recording of the time spent and travel time. Thanks to its new Aptitrack functionality, Aptimiz offers the only solution on the market that automatically measures the entire man-machine time on a farm while automatically determining the tasks performed. Still without any input, Aptitrack detects on which machine a farmer is working and with which tools. Simplicity and accessibility are the distinctive aspects of the technology, making it possible to equip a large number of people and equipment (tractors, harvesting machines, soil tilling tools, high-pressure cleaning equipment, etc.).

Thanks to these measurement functions, Aptimiz offers a SaaS interface dedicated to the monitoring and analysis of technical and economic data from the point of view of working time. Thanks to its various supports and by proposing functions dedicated to team leaders, the solution allows the complete digitisation of harvest sites while ensuring an up-to-the-minute follow-up of all working times during a production year.

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2022 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

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