The SIVAL competition awards the following prizes: SIVAL GOLD Medal/ SIVAL SILVER Medal/ SIVAL BRONZE Medal/ Varietal Innovation Award
These regulations sets out the relevant competition rules.

Article 1

Every year, the SIVAL Trade Show’s organising committee holds the SIVAL INNOVATION competition, open exclusively, and free of charge, to companies and manufacturers exhibiting at the show.
The Varietal Innovation Award is open, free of charge, to companies exhibiting at the trade show but also to non-exhibiting European businesses for a separate, additional, administrative feel, as stated on the on-line competition registration form

Organiser’s address
Route de Paris
Telephone: +33 (0)2 41 93 40 40
Contact person: Delphine PIAU-> send an email

Article 2

This competition rewards equipment, products and services, exhibited during SIVAL, with one or more of the following qualities:

  • highly innovative when compared to existing approaches
  • beneficial for the sector
  • offer sustainable development benefits: environmental, societal and economic benefits
  • high quality of technical supporting statements, results of experiments conducted by third parties

All products and services submitted must have launched commercially after the 1st February 2015

A project submitted to a previous SIVAL Innovation competition can not be re-submitted a second time unless explicitly requested by the jury.

The Varietal Innovation Award rewards varieties exhibited during the SIVAL trade show that demonstrate advances in one or more of the following areas:

  • innovation (originality, innovation, benefits for sector)
  • impact on sustainable development (environment: inputs, disease resistance etc./ savings: impact for seed companies and growers, benefit of new variety compared with varieties already on the market etc./ social: impact on employment, impact on geographical location of business)
  • seed quality, method of production and selection method used.
  • Technical and scientific relevance of supporting statement.

Products in the varietal innovation category should not have been registered in the European CTPS catalogue (European OCVV) before the 11st February 2014, in other words for a maximum period of 3 years.

 The four SIVAL prizes are: the SIVAL GOLD medal, the SIVAL SILVER medal, the SIVAL BRONZE medal and the Varietal Innovation AWARD.

 A SIVAL GOLD medal is awarded for each category, and possibly a SIVAL SILVER and BRONZE medal, If the standard of entries in a particular category is such that it would be difficult for the Final Judging Panel to recognise only one entrant, the panel can award a second SIVAL GOLD medal or a SIVAL SILVER/BRONZE medal in addition to the SIVAL GOLD.

Article 3

Entrants can submit projects within the following categories (see article 5 of the current ruling for further clarification), given below:
There are seven categories :

  • Varietal innovation (seeds and propagating material)
  • Machines and automation
  • Inputs (crop protection, fertilisation, biocontrol, wine inputs etc.)
  • Manufacturing solutions (media, supplies, small machinery and equipment etc.)
  • Presentation, marketing (packaging, labelling, presentation etc.)
  • Services, software (training, technical support, decision-support software, other services etc.)
  • Collective approach

The “Collective approach” category seeks to reward an innovation resulting from the collaborative efforts of several public and/or private individuals, for the benefit of the sector (information, promotion, certification, pooling etc.)

The Varietal Innovation Award, sponsored by VEGEPOLYS and Réussir Fruits & Légumes seeks to reward a variety that has been developed especially for this Award, from amongst the projects submitted to the “Seeds and Propagating Materials” Varietal Innovation category.

Article 4

Every SIVAL exhibitor who wants to enter for the awards or apply for the competition, must submit their entry to the organising committee and send their project before midnight on Friday 10th October 2016.
SIVAL reserves the right to interrupt, change, shorten or extended competition dates, or even cancel the competition, without being held liable for any such action.
In this event, relevant information will be sent by email to all exhibitors.

Entries must include all relevant technical data about the equipment or service presented well as a supporting statement, setting the project out against the criteria stated in article 2.

Applications should be submitted on line, via the website, and should be organised as follows:

  • An application
  • A description of the product or service
  • A marketing brochure
  • A supporting statement

The exhibitor can register a “Rough copy” of his project and then make as many changes as necessary before sending a final copy to SIVAL to upload.
The exhibitor can send a printed file and/or send it by email in pdf format.
Once the file has been completed and uploaded, entrants will receive a registration confirmation by email. Only entrants that comply with this regulation will be considered for the competition.
SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre would like to remind entrants of the nature and limitations of the Internet and is not responsible for any consequences arising from problems of network connections to, due to traffic, error, malicious interference or computer hardware or software malfunction…or any force majeure event.
SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage to any part of the entry and relevant stored data, and any consequences that may arise as a result of such damage.
A project can be refused by the SIVAL committee if the equipment or service is not seemed sufficiently innovative with regard to the criteria set out in article 2.
Entries that do not adhere to the format specified in the current regulations, will not be taken into consideration and shall be deemed null and void.
Any entry that does not satisfy the eligibility criteria, is incomplete or provides incorrect, or even fraudulent, information will be refused.

Article 5
Each exhibitor can submit several competition entries, up to a maximum of 2.
However, you cannot enter the same project in multiple categories.

All project headings must be completed and entries should be as concise as possible.
However, any additional documentation (photograph, test report, certification etc.) will be gratefully received.

Exhibitors entering the competition are not obliged to reveal trade secrets or know-how, unless they have patent protection.

Article 6
Before submitting their entry, entrants must ensure that their intellectual property and industrial rights are adequately protected and that relevant patent applications have been filed.
All entrants must assert that they have a legitimate claim to the intellectual property rights of the projects being submitted to the competition and shall hold harmless the organiser SIVAL- Angers Exhibition Centre against any claim.

By entering the competition, entrants agree to honour the following:

  • to ensure the truthfulness and veracity of the information provided
  • to declare if they do not have sole ownership of intellectual property rights
  • when the intellectual property rights are held by a third party, entrants must ensure they have first obtained the explicit authorisation of said third party as well as any certification necessary to use and exploit the product/service, before submitting their competition entry.

SIVAL and Members of the Jury cannot be held responsible for any inadvertent disclosure of projects during the review period or any disclosure after deliberation.

With regard to information provided by entrants to jury members during internal sessions, experts and members of the judging panel sign a charter, ensuring the confidentiality of information received.

Article 7

Selection process for prize-winners:

  • 1st phase:

Each project will be submitted to an expert, chosen for his expertise, and specialising in the relevant field, who will formulate an opinion about: the degree of innovation, the advantages and benefits of the solution. This opinion will act as an additional source of information for the judging panel.

  • 2nd phase:

On the 17th November 2016, a preliminary Jury, consisting of technology institutes, scientific establishments from the Plant Cluster, professional, economic and prevention and management organisations will set out their initial findings. A number of projects will then be shortlisted, and officially “nominated” by the panel. The nominees will be announced at the end of November and names released to the public and media.

  • 3rd phase:

The nominated projects will then be submitted to the final Judging Panel, made up of journalists, producers, technicians and a few members of SIVAL’s Organising Committee. The Final Judging Panel will reconvene in Paris on Tuesday 13th December 2016 and decide on the allocation of SIVAL GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE awards.

Article 8

The Judging Panels have sole authority. Decisions made by the Pre-selection Panel and Final Judging Panel are not subject to appeal. The deliberations of the Judging Panels are confidential.
All decisions are discretionary and the judging panel is under no obligation to justify their decisions.
Entrants must understand and accept that their decisions are not subject to appeal.

The Pre-Selection and Final Judging Panels have the right to establish the legitimacy of documents and supporting statements provided by competition entrants.
In addition, the final Judging Panel may choose not to make an award in one or other category if they believe that none of the competing products or services merit such an award.
Outstanding businesses will receive a trophy which will be awarded during the SIVAL 2017 trade show.

Article 9

Any product or service that is entered for this competition or award must be displayed at the exhibitors stand during SIVAL.
The results will be made public after the meeting of the final judging panel. A formal awards ceremony will take place during the trade show. The names of winners will be released to the press.

Article 10

The prize-winning exhibitors and their employees can publicize their award at their stand and on other occasions after their event, clearly stating the specific elements that were recognised.
Official SIVAL award stickers will be sent in PDF form to the prize winners for display.
By entering the competition or winning an award, entrants authorise the organisers to use their names/titles in association with their brand(s)/product(s) and the SIVAL INNOVATION competition, without any restriction on time or place, and without entitling the entrant to any rights other than the prize awarded.

Competition entrants undertake to comply with the following obligations:

  • to grant SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre permission, in advance, to publish its name, company name, the name of its legal representatives, professional address and photographs as part of the publicity linked to the SIVA competition and trade show;
  • to accord SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre the express and unconditional right to take photographs and any other type of captured image of its business, key players and products during the competition, and to use them for the purposes of publicity related to the competition and the SIVAL trade show, for the duration of the competition, without entitling the entrant to any rights other than the prize awarded.
  • to accord SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre the express and unconditional right to use, exploit, publish, reproduce, disseminate, redistribute, in whole or in part, using any type of medium (brochures, websites, articles, posters, videos, small multi-media objects etc. or any other technique, as yet unknown), and in any place whatsoever, any sound or visual recording made by the entrant, without entitling the entrant to any rights other than the prize awarded.
  • to accord SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre the express and unconditional right to use the result of its competition entry, name, image, voice or any other aspect pertaining to the person or application in question, whether reproducible or not, by currently available or future means, at the sole discretion of SIVAL-Angers Exhibition Centre.
  • to grant SIVAL – Angers Exhibition Centre permission to transfer all or some of the rights set out in the previous paragraphs to a third party or to grant a licence to use these rights to a third party, for the purposes of promoting the trade show, Angers Exhibition Centre, its business activities, the Angers conurbation and/or the Pays de la Loire region, amongst others.
  • to undertake to give due consideration to proposals for any PR-related activity initiated by SIVAL-Angers Exhibition Centre partners.
  • to undertake to attend, or be duly represented at, the competition awards ceremony.

Article 11

Entrants are obliged to provide some personal information when submitting their application.
This information submitted to SIVAL – Angers Exhibition centre/SIVAL INNOVATION Competition may be disclosed to third parties within the context of the competition and used for various purposes connected with: processing of applications, competition follow-up, event publicity, responding to requests made by any competent authority etc.
In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978, all competition entrants have the right to access, amend, correct or erase any data that many concern them.
To exercise this right, you need to write to the Exhibition Organizing Committee at the address given in Article 1.

Article 12

Participation in this competition, implies full acceptance of these rules and any decisions, relating to any aspect of the competition, all of which will be final and binding. Any fraudulent act, or more generally any violation of all or any part of the current regulations, will result in disqualification and permanent exclusion from the competition.

Article 13

The current regulations have been filed by:
Maître Alain Maingot, Judicial Officer
25 Boulevard Victor Beaussier
49000 Angers

Article 14

The current regulations are subject to French law.
All requests for information or registration packs, as well as submission of files, must be made via the website
The current regulations can also be downloaded from the following address: