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PREDAFIX is Bioline Agrosciences’ latest innovation aimed at improving pest control in glasshouse crops. The effectiveness of predatory mites over time and the control of pest numbers depend on their successful establishment in crops, especially in glasshouse crops.

Some products using predatory mites are applied early in the season, before the onset of high level pest pressures, as a means to anticipate infestation and implement preventative actions. In the absence of their usual prey, however, mites need to find alternative food supplies. Some crops are of little nutritious value to mites and it is often necessary to provide food supplements. Up until now, these were hard to use and could cause allergic reactions.

PREDAFIX now provides a response to such issues: PREDAFIX is a second generation complementary feed product designed to foster the establishment of predatory mites in crops. PREDAFIX is applied by spraying the crop with a water-based solution that contains the feed. Any spraying equipment, including automatic greenhouse systems, will do the trick. Finally, PREDAFIX contains no allergens and can be applied without any special equipment nor re-entry time.

PREDAFIX is set to become the benchmark for more effective pest control and easier and safer application.

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