LE 846®


846®: The first thixotropic adjuvant for enhanced fungicide effectiveness and up to a 50% drop in the dosage required.

Thixotropy is a reversible rheological property of certain liquids that turn more or less fluid in response to the energy supplied. An everyday example of this is paint, which is very viscous in the can. As soon as it is stirred (energy supplied) though, it becomes fluid; it remains fluid when applied with a roller (rotational energy) or a paint gun (spraying pressure energy). Once applied (no more energy supplied), it reverts to a viscous state before drying and no longer flows.

This is the very principle we intend to harness with LE 846®. When spraying, 25-50+% of the total volume miss the target and end up in the surrounding environment through drifting, bouncing or leaching. LE 846® reduces drifting and makes the droplets stick (due to higher viscosity) to the target, thus limiting losses through spraying. Once in contact with the plant, it greatly increases the penetration rate of systemic and permeating fungicides. By optimising the amount of fungicide solution retained and by boosting the effectiveness of the treatment, LE 846® fully harness the efficiency of every single gram of fungicide sprayed. This is why, when used at a rate of 1% by volume of spraying solution, LE 846® helps reduce practical dosage.

In the vineyards, tests have shown that modulated doses of up to 25% were just as efficient, with no loss of efficacy vs. mildew and powdery mildew. As for apple scab, studies carried out in partnership with the tree growing sector resulted in similar levels of protection with a 50% drop in contact fungicide dosage before flowering. In the case of large-scale vegetable production, that requires effective fungicide protection, LE 846® brings higher performance levels with equal dosage, as evidenced by tests conducted by UNILET over several years.

For tracked growing chains, this is an opportunity to meet reduction requirements for chemical plant protection products, without making any compromise in terms of efficiency.

Approved for all crops, LE 846® thus supports the sustainable management of any fungicide strategy.

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Category : Intrants Protections des cultures et fertilisation
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2020

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