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PlantVoice is a monitoring and control system which helps you achieve the optimum greenhouse climate and irrigation strategy, based on the requirements of the plants. The programme focuses on the three ways of getting balanced plants: the balance of energy, water and assimilation. These balances are at the centre of any plant growth model. PlantVoice enables you to keep your plants ‘in balance’, which results in optimal quality and production.

As well as keeping plants balanced, the software also watches the activity of the plants and monitors them.
PlantVoice is based on the principles of Next Generation Growing (NGG). Producers want to obtain the optimal balance of energy, water and assimilation by adjusting the irrigation cycle depending on crop evaporation, they want to obtain the best lighting-temperature balance and to avoid stress for plants by creating the appropriate vapour pressure deficit.
How does it work?

Water balance corresponds to the balance between water entering and leaving the plant. During the process of photosynthesis, water must be “balanced” to keep the stomata open. Water leaves plants through evaporation.

Energy provided from multiple sources contributes to the plant’s activity and consequently the level of evaporation. With PlantVoice, it is now possible to combine multiple sources of energy, such as lighting, radiation and heat. Using this information, the software calculates the total amount of energy from evaporation. In this way, producers can adjust the irrigation cycle based on the requirements of the plant.

For example, if the screens are closed, less radiation energy will reach the plants. With PlantVoice, you can use the screens as a way of determining the amount of radiation that actually reaches the crops with a fully closed screen. When the screens are open, the light transmission is 100% and when they are fully closed it is 50% for example, thus reducing the supply of the calculated value of energy from evaporation by 50%. Since the total amount of evaporation is lower with the screens closed, you will need less irrigation.
With irrigation based on crop evaporation, you irrigate more accurately and efficiently.

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