Module JMTUS 9

Janny MT

The JMT US 9 module is the number one solution in the field of fresh produce transport in a naturally controlled atmosphere. It is suitable to transport fruit, vegetables, flowers and mushrooms.
Consisting of one pallet-box, one base, four posts and one lid with built-in Janny MT technology, the 732 litre modules can be stacked when empty, reducing by four the volume required to return them compared with full boxes. You can enjoy the benefits of having a naturally controlled atmosphere with low transport costs.
There are also nine groundbreaking membranes in the lid to allow for storage of fresh products with high respiratory activity.
The JMT US 9 module meets the demands for freshness and quality preservation during refrigerated transport. For the first time in a format fully suited for transportation, it provides a truly naturally controlled atmosphere (with O2 and CO2 levels between 2 and 4%) which allows the stored product to breathe simply by closing the pallet-box using the patented hood.
Unavailable until now, this type of solution, that naturally increases storage life during transport, provides a sustainable response to issues of freshness and transport with no extra energy used other than for refrigeration purposes.

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