Plantsens is a micro-climatic sensor intended to plot crop parameters as accurately as possible.
Plantsens measures the temperature, hygrometry and sunshine exposure as close to the plants as possible.
This data is then plotted using a dedicated application, which is both ergonomic and intuitive, to help producers get a representation of their greenhouse or field through cover mapping and augmented reality.
Sensors operate on solar energy and the radio connection uses the LoRa network.

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Company name : MEG LAB - > OYOLAB

Address : 17 rue Henry Monnier
75009 Paris

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Category : Services et Logiciels
2018 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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Company name: DIVATEC - OYOLAB

Address: ZA de la Sensive - La Chapelle Basse Mer

Tel : 02 28 01 09 55

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