With the HERBI’CHANVRE mulching fabric, Geochanvre launches a major innovation in the field of mulching for vegetable and fruit crops. This 100% natural hemp fabric is made by simply spraying high pressure water (+/- 240 bars) onto yarns with no additive nor glue (a spunlacing process patented by Geochanvre in 140 countries). The hemp we use is grown pesticide free in Burgundy where we also make this fabric. As a consequence, our mulching product is as natural as loose straw but with all the benefits of an agri-fabric. Very robust, it can be machine-laid as it doesn’t tear when applied. It comes in various weights per unit area to meet the demand for different service lives. Geochanvre is a 100% organic-based and 100% biodegradable mulching solution suitable for all crops. This groundbreaking product helps fight weeds naturally without resorting to pesticides. It is a real alternative to oil-based plastic sheets. Besides suppressing weeds, it also reduces the need for water, boosts soil activity and even protects crops from frost and overheating. It is fully compatible with organic farming.

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