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Micromus-System is the only product consisting of brown lacewings (Hemerobiidae) commercially available in France. This is the first aphid predator (whose larvae and adults eat aphids) that is available to the trade.

The adults have an acute ability to detect aphids, and can counteract them by consuming up to 100 per day. The females are extremely fertile, each laying up to 1,000 eggs. Delivered to producers at an immediately active stage, they can clean up infestations with impressive speed.

Their ability to survive in crops on a low prey density and to be active at low temperatures, combined with the adult’s particularly long life span (70 to 90 days) mean that they can also be used preventively: very early in the season, above all, and if aphids return in the autumn.

Adults of the Micromus angulatus species are delivered in a cardboard pot with buckwheat hulls and honeycomb paper to protect the insects during transport. The whole package is 100% biodegradable and can be left in the crop.

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Company name : Biobest Group N.V.

Address : 18 Ilse Velden 2260 Westerlo - Belgique

Website : https://www.biobestgroup.com/fr/lutte-biologique-pollinisation-par-les-bourdons

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2023 SIVAL Silver medal winner

Company details

Company name: Biobest France

Address: 240 rue Roussanne
84100 Orange

Tel : 0432810398

Website : https://www.biobestgroup.com/fr/lutte-biologique-pollinisation-par-les-bourdons