NEZAPAR is a solution based on the beneficial insect Trissolcus basalis, a small hymenoptera that parasitises the eggs of Nezara viridula, the southern green stink bug.

Nezara viridula is a phytophagous bug, currently considered a major pest in vegetable crops. There is currently no solution to fight it in organic farming and conventional products are ineffective.
The Nezara stink bug causes severe damage when it pierces flowers or fruit, causing stains and deformations, flower drop and losses of up to 40% of the yield.

NEZAPAR contains 5,000 bug eggs parasitised by Trissolcus basalis. Easy to use, the eggs are simply sprinkled in cardboard boxes, and placed in the crop. The eggs are ready to hatch within a week, giving birth to parasitoids that take action on Nezara viridula populations after 1 week.

Trials carried out over the last 5 years by Koppert and its partners (the IMPULSE and POLCKA projects and producers) all show the same trends: repeated releases of Trissolcus basalis every week, starting as early as possible, prevent the spread of Nezara viridula and limit populations.  Trissolcus basalis does not completely eliminate this pest but does significantly reduce the damage caused by Nezara viridula in crops.

Koppert is the only company offering this beneficial insect in the form of parasitised eggs to fight Nezara viridula.

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Company name: KOPPERT

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84300 Cavaillon

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