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The use of physical barriers for plant protection is a recognised practice widely used for its benefits to crops, as it is effective both against biotic and abiotic stress.
Nowadays, several effective solutions exist on the market. Whether they are based on kaolin, calcium hydroxide, talc or diatomaceous earth, they all offer a range of responses designed to solve agricultural problems.
However, despite their advantages, these solutions also have drawbacks. These include the storage constraints involved with heavy products, the difficulty of putting wettable powder formulations into tanks; the premature replacement of application equipment due to their abrasiveness; clogged nozzles and filters; poor spreading and retention on plants during application, as well as bleaching and an undesirable effect on the appearance of harvested products.

Cle’flo® is an innovation of the company Vivagro resulting from several years’ development. This innovation is very different from current products: it does away with all these constraints of use, while providing a barrier effect at least comparable to that of existing solutions on the market. In liquid form, this innovative formulation containing clay, naturally reinforced with quartz and iron, has been especially developed to help plants resist the thermal stress associated with high temperatures, and to act as a barrier to insect pests.
Its unique formulation, stable over time, means that Cle’flo® provides a real advantage to users, with significantly reduced expenditure arising from wear and tear in equipment, and comfortable use during tanking and spraying, limiting interventions during application. Customer satisfaction, already confirmed after its recent pre-launch, will establish it firmly as an essential physical barrier solution in the coming seasons.

Cle’flo® has been developed and designed with a clay of French origin, close to our users working in arboriculture, market gardening and viticulture. The Cle’flo® solution is also approved for use in organic farming.

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