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We have been in the greenhouse business for more than 30 years and have built up a wealth of experience and expertise in greenhouse crop management.

We have concentrated all this experience and expertise in a new development, McuSys, which will satisfy all farmers. It facilitates their work through simplicity of operation while understanding the most complex concepts.

Three main aspects stand out:

1- Web and communication technologies:

Web technology is becoming more widespread, and is at the heart of McuSys by integrating the VisioSys programme.

VisioSys is the software that enables the man-machine interface. VisioSys is accessible on all media, connected screens (PC, tablets, smartphones…).

McuSys is also accessible anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

The connection is secured thanks to a VPN (virtual private network) connecting to our servers.

McuSys is accessible in a transparent and secure way with a simple click.

The users have total control over their installation via the accessibility of McuSys.

2- It is part of a sustainable development approach:

The McuSys has been designed by our teams in our premises in the South West of France.

In order to respect sustainable development, we imposed a rule on ourselves, that of offering our clients the possibility of upgrading their products while integrating them into the new McuSys solution.

This way the customers retain their initial investment and with the addition of McuSys their installation is modernised and integrates all the latest technological advances.

No need to discard the old equipment, the McuSys offers a sustainable solution.

3- The greater conceptualisation of the installation:

A new concept for the generalization of equipment by sectors and no longer by equipment.

The McuSys makes it possible to understand the crop areas by integrating all the equipment in one single area.

The McuSys works for all type of needs in fertilization, irrigation, climatic management, putting the well-being of the crop in the centre of its process .

The McuSys controls all the equipment that impact an area in a coordinated manner: irrigation stations, watering valves, aeration systems, heating systems, CO2 injection, spraying, screens, watering carts….

With an accessibility on all connected media and its new and more global concept of crop treatment, The McuSys displays a global approach. The McuSys is becoming the tool of choice for modern agriculture.

McuSys is available in English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Flemish, Dutch and Portuguese.

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Category : Machines and automation
2022 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

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