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The T-PROTECT® BOOSTER is a mechanised spreader for rapid and automated trichogramma releases. It is perfectly adapted to large surfaces of crops. The T-PROTECT® BOOSTER is attached to a tractor, straddle tractor or quad bike and distributes the T-PROTECT® dispensers containing the Trichogramma at a regular distance in the field. The T-PROTECT® diffusers are the most advanced system for releasing Trichogramma in the field. The T-PROTECT® dispensers and the T-PROTECT® BOOSTER application machine are two synergistic technologies to optimise crop protection with state-of-the-art technology.

The gain in work output speaks for itself, since with this equipment the work rate is multiplied by 5 or even 6 compared to manual application. It is thus possible to protect 20 to 30 ha in one hour.

The advantages of this technology are numerous: optimal protection against external aggression, the possibility of a mechanical application at any stage in the crop and a more precise positioning in time. Indeed, in the case of large areas, a manual application could take several days, and therefore slightly exceed the optimal application date. With the T-PROTECT® BOOSTER application system, the application rates are accelerated and the protection potential is maximised thanks to a shorter application time, and as closely as possible to the flight curves. This is also true in the case of large farms.

Finally, following the proposal of Bioline Agrosciences, a new PPSC (Phytopharmaceutical Product Saving Certificates) standardised action was set up after the publication of the order of 29 June 2021. From now on, the new 2021-087 standardised action “Optimising the control of the corn borer by means of equipment facilitating the release of trichogramma via a service provider” gives access to 0.1 PPSC for each hectare of maize protected by means of an application of trichogramma carried out by a service provider with the dedicated T-PROTECT® BOOSTER.

Gradually, the uses of T-PROTECT® BOOSTER will be extended to a wider range of crops as the control programmes against various pests are validated.


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