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Julietta is the first bio-fungicide based on a live strain of Saccharomyces cerevisia, LAS02, used to combat botrytis and monilinia. As a natural product, it is a sustainable solution, compatible with modern farming and environment, grower and consumer friendly. Julietta: simple preventative use, in conventional, organic and zero residue agriculture.

It works proactively by competing for space and nutrients. The rapid development abilities of the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae LAS02 strain provide protection to botrytis and monilinia portals of entry in sensitive areas, thus working as a true biological shield. Julietta is applied by foliar spraying and works through contact. Its water dispersible granule formulation makes it easy-to-use. It boasts perfect crop selection abilities. It does not interfere with winemaking, distillation in winegrowing nor on the quality of fruit or vegetables in market gardening and arboriculture.

The active ingredient in Julietta is not subject to any upper residue limits, so it can be used for zero residue specifications. There is a unique standard dosage of 2.5kg/Ha. With a time delay of just 1 day before harvest, treatment can be applied in field for post-harvest efficiency, and crops can be stored disease-free for a longer period of time, thus increasing safety for the consumers. Julietta also has a re-entry period on weaker plots, which is a reassuring solution for farmers and their staff. Julietta is both a flexible and easy-to-use solution that meets the new requirements of growers and consumers.

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