Herbi’Chanvre Semis Direct


100% French hemp selective mulching fabric to grow seedlings.

How does it work: Thanks to the outstanding properties of the fabric obtained using the Géochanvre technology, we came up with a seedling specific product. Seeds must be planted over the HERBI’ CHANVRE SEMIS DIRECT fabric, which stops weeds from growing underneath. The roots of the seedlings, however, find their way through the mulching by following a pre-established technical route.

With this anti-weed system, there is no need to weed anymore crops such as carrots (among others), thus saving producers a lot of time and reducing tedious work.

Sectors :
Category : Intrants Protections des cultures et fertilisation
2020 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

Company details

Company name: Géochanvre

Address: Route de Frangey
89160 Lézinnes

Tel : 0358468020

Website : http://geochanvre.fr