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Entomatic TM is an automatic spreader that distributes a wide variety of biological control agents quickly and evenly across a wide range of crops under cover. The system works regardless of the medium on which the auxiliaries are packed (bran, vermiculite, sawdust, buckwheat hulls, etc.) and is suitable for all predatory mites and auxiliaries marketed in pupa or egg form.

Entomatic TM is the result of a two-year partnership between Biobest and Hortiworld, the innovation subsidiary of Bio-Bull, a Dutch manufacturer at the forefront of innovation in horticultural machinery.
The concept is entirely customisable, and each machine is produced in close collaboration between Hortiworld, Biobest and the grower, so that it can be perfectly adapted to the needs of each farm. Entomatic TM can be used on rails, mounted on a sprayer or even on an existing irrigation boom. Everything is possible!

Because every grower is unique, so is every machine. With Entomatic TM, you can spray several rows at a time (from 2 to 16 rows simultaneously), depending on the configuration of the greenhouse and the crop, while keeping a perfectly even distribution. It can be used for gutter, vertical and, soon, shelf crops.

Finally, Entomatic TM respects even the most fragile auxiliaries! Not only are they distributed more evenly than with conventional manual introduction, but, thanks to an ingenious design, the mortality rate is minimal and lower than with even the most careful manual applications.

Finally, thanks to the high-precision adjustment options available, material losses on the ground are reduced to a strict minimum and are lower than with conventional hand application.

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Company name : Bio Bull

Address : Lodderhoeksestraat 14
6687 LS Angeren
The Netherlands

Website : https://www.bio-bull.com/

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Category : Machines and automation
2024 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

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Company name: Biobest France

Address: 294 rue Roussanne
84100 Orange

Tel : 04 32 81 03 98

Website : https://biobest.oxatis.com/