VIROC is a tractor and tool carrier.

Ranging in width from 90cm to 115cm depending on the mounting size, it can be used on any type of farm. It can be made even wider by adding twin wheels.
It can be fitted with all kinds of tools: shredders, lifts, desuckering tools, skips, leaf strippers, intervines, sprayers, graders, mowers and crate carriers. Its reversible cab allows it to work with the tool at the front or rear.
Its narrowness and the ability to accommodate several types of wheels, including metal wheels, mean it can work on hillsides with steep slopes or narrow rows.

Manufacturer's details

Company name : WM AGRI TECHNICS

Address : Via Brié 15
I-39053 Prato all'Isarco (BZ)

Website :

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Category : Machines and automation
2024 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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Company name: CHABAS SAS

Address: 7 za du rompidou

Tel : +33442284444

Website :