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POWERFOOD 3.0 is a feed for mites and other predatory insects used to control pests in market gardening and ornamental crops.
Among the pest control organisms that can be fed this product, are Amblyseius swirskii, Transeius montdorensis or Amblyseius andersoni for the predatory mites and Orius laevigatus or Macrolophus pygmaeus for the insects that benefit from the use of this feed. As it is a combination of live prey and complementary feed, it supplies a variety of nutrients, particularly for polyphagous predators.

The innovative potential of POWERfood 3.0 lies in its ability to boost predator populations, contribute to their early establishment, increase and/or maintain them in stressful situations (absence of pests, unfavourable weather conditions, chemical treatments, etc.).

In crops, with or without pollen, the use of this product increases the effectiveness of biocontrol by predators by providing them with prey and food diversity, giving them more nutrients and increasing egg-laying and therefore population density. It also enables predatory mites and bugs to establish themselves early and multiply in the crop in the absence of pests and in pollen-free crops.

Another advantage is that it allows us to install several biological control organisms with a single product, making it an effective tool in the preventive biological control strategy.

Furthermore, its POWERfood 3.0-M format means the product can be used with delivery machines, making it easier to distribute and homogenise in the crop.

The use of POWERfood 3.0 is recommended for seedlings, ornamental plants, red fruit, pollen-free vegetable crops… but it can be used in all types of crops where mites and bugs are released to control pests. In all cases, it is recommended to feed on the leaves in the central part of the plant.

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