In France, AirGaïa designs and manufactures innovative air treatment systems for low-carbon and pesticide-free farming.
DemeT’air is a multifunctional air treatment system for agricultural greenhouses. Our solution reduces energy consumption while facilitating pesticide-free cultivation. DemeT’air is suitable for both new and existing greenhouses and can be used for all types of cultivation: market gardening, horticulture, aromatic plants, medicinal cannabis, etc. DemeT’air maintains good air quality in the greenhouse and prevents diseases, insects, moulds and parasites. Our tailor-made solution can be set up according to the available space (inside and outside) without disturbing work in the greenhouse, and involves no loss of the growing area.
DemeT’air is a multifunctional system that offers several operating modes.
Dehumidification mode: If the greenhouse is too humid, our solution has a high dehumidification capacity. In addition, in dehumidification mode, the system can adapt the supply temperature to the needs of the greenhouse. For example, if the greenhouse is too hot, the system can discharge its excess heat outside and thus cool the greenhouse by blowing air a few degrees below the greenhouse temperature.
The renewable energy heating mode (thermodynamic) and energy savings of up to 30% are beneficial for greenhouse farmers as well as for our planet.
In ventilation mode, the system stirs up the air in the greenhouse using a high flow rate.  DemeT’air has the option of blowing into ducts or in the open field.
The free cooling mode enables the greenhouse to be cooled by ventilation using free energy from the outside air when the temperature is lower outside than inside the greenhouse.

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