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The DELAHADE system, the result of several years’ research, increases the density of production in greenhouses by moving cultivation gutters sideways. It is highly versatile, and can be adapted to both new and old installations very cheaply. With all or part of the old cultivation gutter installations.
The investment is minimal compared to the cost of a new greenhouse. DELAHADE can save you money in several areas. It enables you to increase density and thus yield by 35% to 40% per m². Savings in heating and lighting; lower depreciation of your investments per kilogram produced. A smaller surface area of plastic to replace. Climatology and hygrometry more favourable to plants, especially in spring and summer. Fewer parasites, fruit flies and thrips; less powdery mildew.  Gutters can be moved in one minute, in complete safety, without penalising maintenance and harvesting operations.

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Company name : MARC JOULIN

Address : EBBJ SARL la maison neuve sur RD 723 axe Angers-Nantes

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Company name: EBBJ sarl

Address: 1848 RD 723

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