Streamline X Regen


Streamline™ X ReGen is the first line of thin-walled in-line drippers designed and manufactured to meet today’s quality and sustainability objectives more effectively (compliant with the ISO 9261 standard). Streamline X ReGen™ offers farmers unparalleled hydraulic performances, and is also the strongest thin-walled in-line dripper on the market, containing a high proportion of recycled materials (up to 40%). The idea is to minimise environmental impact by fostering a more circular economy, while maintaining the economic competitiveness of our farmer customers.
They can thus meet current and globally agreed sustainability targets. Remarkably, this product has the same lifespan and warranty period as non-recycled irrigation piping.
• The unique external and internal ribbed surfaces increase dripper protection and durability during installation.
• A wide filtration area and a self-cleaning labyrinth flush out debris throughout the operating period to minimise the risk of clogging.
• The TurboNet™ labyrinth increases irrigation uniformity, even with poor water quality.
• The quality reference standard is the same as for the classic Streamline X product: ISO 9261

For all these reasons, Streamline X Regen successfully meets the supply chain sustainability needs of farmers looking to control their impact on the environment today.

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