The COMSAG SiLo V3 station is small, autonomous and easy to install. It provides an endless variety of combinations from 14 different sensors such as weather, evapotranspiration, plant growth, soil moisture condition sensors. How is it innovative?
1/ Communication Technology
COMSAG SiLo V3 features Sigfox, GPRS, 3G and soon, LoRa technologies. It is fitted with a battery for increased mobility, easy installation and autonomy.
2/ Readings
The endless sensor combination possibilities are what make SiLo V3 unique. The following measurements are available: dry and wet temperatures, hygrometry, rainfall, wind speed and direction, sunshine rate, leaf wetness, dendrometry, water supply metering (emitter head meter), water level (piezometer), soil temperature and soil moisture conditions. COMSAG SiLo V3 is particularly innovative with respect to soil moisture condition: it can accommodate 6 Watermark tensiometers, 3 Décagon capacitive sensors, 1 SDI12 Drill & Drop capacitive sensor or 6 Terros 21, so users can choose the technology that suits them best.
3/ Analyses
The OAD is connected to the station or station network and works out the actual ETp using data collected in the field. It can also provide a bespoke real time water level assessment, taking the phenological stage into account. In order to facilitate the operator’s work, this water assessment is adjusted on the basis of water inputs already completed (rain gauge and water meter readings). This makes any decision-making process about irrigation easier and more serene.

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Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2020

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