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Making the right decision at the right time by automating your pest insect trapping network using the CapTrap® service!
The CapTrap® service relies on smart connected sensors designed by Cap 2020 to count insects in real-time. With no manual count required, very large pest populations can be monitored on the plots. The double selectiveness feature using both a pheromone and insect-specific motion sensing ensures that only the target insect is counted by CapTrap®. The sensor can be fitted on commonly available insect traps (funnel, cross-vane, bottleneck traps…). This GPS-tracked stand-alone device is connected to the Web (narrowband or GSM).
The CapTrap® service helps save time with less travel involved to monitor networks, and continuously provides counting data to send out real time notifications and charts to users via a Web interface. If the trapping network has both connected and offline traps, the data from the latter can also be entered in the CapTrap® information system. The solution offered can be applied along with existing information systems and decision-making tools.
CapTrap®’s keywords are:
Onboard intelligence: The sensor processes the data and only passes on information, which is relevant to make recommendations.
Simplicity: Captrap® can be placed on a plot and, once activated, finds its GPS position to immediately start transmitting counting data.
Reliability: Having been assessed by partners since 2016, the service has proven its worth, detecting a wide range of pests.
Modularity: The sensor can be fitted to most traps readily available, without any modification.
Autonomy: CapTrap® uses little power and runs autonomously for the duration of the target pest monitoring campaign.
The CapTrap® service is shaking things up in the world of trapping network management: simple and reliable sensors that can be installed anywhere. They find their own location when turned on, send out alerts, can be remotely set up (detection time, type of pest…) and transmit reliable information throughout the season. Equipped with their own Cap 2020-developed SMV® (virtual weather station) system, users also have access to all weather data for the current year and past trap location records. Such data allows for better tracking of the progress of pest insects’ growth cycles and increases the accuracy of recommendations.
The built-in technologies and the quality of the CapTrap® service are unprecedented in terms of information value / pest monitoring cost ratio.

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