WEENAT’s frost solution is all about efficiency and ease-of-use. This combination of connected sensors, frost risk forecasts and a web and mobile app, helps users prepare for frosts.
With the help of expert weather forecasts from our partner Weather News, one of the world’s leading private weather service providers, Weenat offers reliable and accurate forecasts by combining several international weather models with measures from the P+ Weenat connected station. The idea is to recalibrate the forecasts with the real conditions on the plot. These plot-based weather forecasts are then entered in a decision-making tool to warn you of the date and time of an upcoming event of frost – a precious tool to optimise your preparation for such an event.
Using the Weenat app, available for both PC and Smartphone, you can also track in real-time the progress of dry and/or wet weather conditions measured by connected sensors on your plots. The sensors’ pioneering design allows you to measure the real temperature of buds: such information is crucial to knowing when exactly you should activate your frost protection system and how to optimise its use.
Weenat’s Frost solution is a simple way to help you calmly manage and organise your response to periods of frost risk.

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