Wulp ®


Praysbee has developed a Wulp® spraying equipment that can be adapted to all existing sprayers. It distributes the plant protection product to the heart of the plant without air assistance. Its oscillation system on the projected jet longitudinal advance axis reduces drift by over 90%, and has an approved 3 m NTZ (non-treatment zone). The full row module is light (under 15 kg), allowing for simple, pendular use.


NB: The Jury of the Sival Innovation Competition studied this dossier in 2022. It considered the innovation interesting, but too early to be assessed, as it was at the prototype stage. It therefore exceptionally authorised the company to reapply in 2023, presenting a solution that had reached the marketing stage with test results to back it up.

Sectors :
Category : Machinisme et automatisme
2024 SIVAL Silver medal winner

Company details

Company name: Praysbee

Address: 8,boulevard de Paris
16100 Cognac

Tel : 0783192828

Website : http://praysbee.fr