Enjambeur Modulaire de Maraîchage ROMANESCO


Manual work is essential for your crops, but is it onerous? Are you exhausted by the noise of the tractor, and does it consume a lot of fuel? Are you looking for harvesting handling equipment that straddles a bed, with sufficient ground clearance? Do you want to carry out precision hoeing without mobilising two people?

The ROMANESCO modular electric market gardening high-clearance tractor is the answer. Developed in close collaboration with market gardeners to accurately meet their needs, this self-propelled machine provides considerable versatility with its various modules.

With its three wheels, arch and innovative system for attaching and lifting modules, the ROMANESCO high-clearance tractor makes manual work easier by providing beds or seats for users during transplanting, weeding and harvesting operations.  It assists harvesting on the row with a tipping tray, a bin carrier and forks to palletise crops directly, while providing high ground clearance. Lastly, it can be used to mechanise other operations like hoeing, mulch-spreading or seeding, with the option of adapting your tools yourself.

All-terrain, silent, light, soil-friendly, electric and rechargeable with a solar panel (optional), it is equipped with autonomous guidance on rows, making a driver unnecessary. ROMANESCO: the market gardener’s new ally.

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Category : Machines and automation
2023 SIVAL Silver medal winner

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Company name: ROMANESCO

Address: 3 Impasse du Grand Jardin
35400 Saint-Malo

Tel : 0765690179

Website : https://www.romanesco.fr