Vitipep’s is the new professional brand in the wine nursery sector. In response to changes in their industry, vine plant growers decided to establish Vitipep’s at the end of 2018 as a way to promote the French production. The goal of this unprecedented initiative is to guarantee winemakers that the vine plants they get have been produced and verified in France. The Vitipep’s brand also proves that it has become a symbol of a commitment to excellence in plant health matters. Having our brand name on a batch of vine plants is proof that the grafts and rootstocks exclusively come from French stock nurseries, and that grafting was done in France. It also guarantees that the stock nurseries of the grafts and rootstocks have been planted using ENTAV-INRA base material, thereby clearly establishing our involvement in the French vine selection”. Vitipep’s has now over 260 member nurseries across all winegrowing regions. In addition to the national certification, a yearly audit is conducted on the premises of every member by an independent auditing body, to ensure full compliance with the brand’s requirements. Vitipep’s is a testament to the ever-growing professionalisation of vine nurseries.

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2020 SIVAL Gold medal winner

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