Val de Loire AgroClimatic Atlas


We provide spatialised information on climate change and its consequences for vineyards as concerns the Loire Valley. This will be available free of charge on the technical website of the Loire winegrowing industry. Web users will be able to view various agroclimatic indicators calculated on the basis of regionalised climate change data from CNRM and IPSL models for the reference period (1986-2005), the near future (2031-2050) and the distant future (2081-2100). In addition to climatic variables like temperature and rainfall, the modelling of vine functioning indicators will also be available (earliness, maturity, etc.). The results are obtained at a resolution of 8 km (according to the SAFRAN grid) and 1 km depending on the variables. This information will be presented according to two projected climate change scenarios issued by the IPCC: the RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios, with more than 200 interactive maps.

Access will be free of charge via the site from 15 November 2022.


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