The Tract’Elec tool carrier is a 100% electric, clean, quiet and economical tractor.
With this easy-to-manoeuvre and user-friendly central tool carrier, hoeing, mechanical weeding and other operations on vegetable or herb beds are carried out with great precision.
A first prototype of this machine was presented at Sival 2018. The jury of the Sival Innovation Prize has agreed to let the candidate re-enter the competition once the equipment was ready for sale.
Overview of the changes between the first Tract’Elec prototype and the 2019 ready-for-market iteration:
Adjusted seat height and lower platform to facilitate work in greenhouses
Improved engine system for more power
Front wheels fitted with more suitable straight rib tires
Improved category 2 rear lifting system with 400kg force
New front lifting system with automatic three-point hitch (easier to change tools)
Lithium batteries for enhanced performance
Roll bar and headlights added

Sectors :
Category : Machinisme et automatisme
Nominé pour le SIVAL INNOVATION 2019

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Company name: ELATEC

Address: Zone d'Activités

Tel : 0536030056

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