In the current environment, reducing if not completely putting an end to the use of herbicides has become a priority. We offer a full range of machines for fast, efficient and safe mechanical weeding.
Tilling the soil as close to the rows as possible is a delicate operation that requires high-precision driving skills. The risk of damage is high, making the whole operation stressful and exhausting for drivers, who constantly have to focus fully on the task at hand.
Our innovation lies in the guiding system that ensures that winegrowing and tree growing tools (chipper, intervine hoeing machine, shoot tipping machine) are perfectly centred in the rows.
GUIDAMAT (patented system) easily adapts to category 1 and 2 tractors thanks to a rail-mounted hitch hand (held by 4 nuts and bolts) and two 35cm waterproof ball-bearing mounted sensors – both tilt and width adjustable – for smoother movements, and makes up for lapses in driving even on hilly terrain.
Moreover, the automatic re-centring system, which is controlled once lifted, makes things easier when starting in a new row.
This system moves along chrome axles, with rings and double-lip seals for protection, as well as contact-less sensors – no moving mechanical parts are required –, making it a reliable and robust solution for easier, faster and safer use of tools in rows, with constant productivity.
By combining GUIDAMAT with ORIZZONTI’s intervine machines, we provide an efficient, easy and eco-friendly weeding solution.

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