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In 2017, the French General Food Directorate (DGAL) assessed the rate of unproductive vine stocks (missing vine stocks, recently cut back, strongly affected by a wood disease or replanting) at 13% over the whole country.
Furthermore, French vineyards have seen an increase in wood diseases – esca in particular – by +0.5% to +1% in all areas.
Combined with a significant drop in yield due to water scarcity in recent years, replanting has become a major issue in the wine-growing sector.
Yet current methods have shown to result in a 10-20% failure rate of plant regrowth (source WINETWORK).
In addition, young plants need time to start producing after replanting – up to 6-10 years in some cases (source CHAMBRE D’AGRICULTURE DU VAUCLUSE – 2016).
TerrÔ Vigne’s innovation lies in the fact it is not used as a soil conditioner consisting mostly of organic plant material and fertilisers, where a few litres are dropped at the bottom of replanting holes. TerrÔ Vigne is a genuine substrate for cultivation.
In this concept, one ten-litre bag is used for each plant.
Peat used remains stable over time, not breaking down in a few years.
The fertiliser contained in TerrÔ Vigne is 100% coated to allow for progressive distribution of nutrients over a longer period of time, thus avoiding root scalding.
The approved biostimulant contained in TerrÔ Vigne has been authorised for sale.
In combination with the above elements, its pH – specifically adjusted to vine plants – makes TerrÔ Vigne the ideal culture substrate to maximise plant regrowth success rate and to speed up fruit setting.

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