BE-CUBE, NEW removable pallet box system

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BE-Cube, the new removable pallet box system!
The BE-Cube pallet box system is a new efficient storage and transport solution suitable for many applications. This system stands out from other available plastic or wooden pallet boxes due to its light weight and the fact that it can be fully taken apart thus reducing storage and transport costs. BE-Cube’s advanced construction makes it at least equally robust as competitors. In addition, this system is highly practical and can be taken down. A single person can easily assemble and take apart the BE-Cube pallet box system.
The four aluminium or galvanised legs come in various lengths upon request.
Due to its clever design, the BE-Cube pallet box system can be tilted using a tilt table / dosing scales.
The various types of partition runners available can be arranged to suit. The main benefit of having different partitioning options is that the BE-Cube can be used for any handling and / or working method, whether with an (electrical) pallet truck or a forklift. Thanks to the pallet design, runners can be easily replaced; the structure of the pallet is reinforced in strategic areas.
The plastic pallet can also come with a discharge hole at the bottom, with numerous benefits when discharging fine products such as seeds or cereals.
The BE-Cube pallet box system is made of HDPE combined with aluminium or galvanised legs. HDPE and the legs can withstand temperatures as high as 65° and as low as -25°C. This is a significant benefit in terms of storage and decontamination. The BE-Cube can be delivered in the default pallet dimensions 1.000×1.200mm with flexible height up to 1.250mm. BE-Cube is available with various types of Big Bags.
Innovative values:
– Flexible storage and transport system for numerous applications
– Fully removable to be used as a multiple system
– Significant extra space with possibility of folding back
– Ease of installation and removal by a single person
– Robust: shock/impact resistant and non-deforming
– Legs available in several lengths
– Possible tilting with tilt table / dosing scales
– Product discharge through specific hole at the bottom
– Partitioning using runners available as requested.

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