Stell Air


Stell Air Vine anticipates tomorrow’s farming practices. Stell Air is an herbicide-free tillage device, which works on the surface area using vertically rotating “twisted fingers” to lift the soil in micro-jets. This process results in new stale seed beds obtained by clearing the previous ones. The vertical movements help the soil breathe with no resulting shallow hardpan (which can lead to erosion), and preserve its biological activity. This device requires neither additional operation nor tractive overpower. The scalable equipment can be fitted with implements to support the inter-vine unit in its tasks. Its scope of action can be widened to further crops.

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Category : Machinisme et automatisme
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2020

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Company name: Actisol

Address: 4 rue de l a Gâtine
49300 Cholet

Tel : 0241626000

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