PraliGel Flo is a ready-to-use organic pralinage gel containing two biostimulating technologies to maximise recovery and limit mortality in bare-root plantations.

The technical innovation lies in its composition. It is an organic gel, very rich in water, that remains so in aqueous solution, and it is the combination of two biostimulating technologies that act synergistically to promote root development.
The organic gel acts like a second skin on the root, forming an even, supple film that prevents the root from drying out. This water-rich gel helps to create the conditions required for root activity. It protects the root from external aggression and contains the active ingredients in direct contact with the root (carbon support for Bacillus, auxin equivalents, etc.).

The synergistic action of the two biostimulants, Ecklonia maxima seaweed extract rich in auxin equivalents and the beneficial microorganism Bacillus amyloliquefaciens B-Start, will form a biofilm by colonising the surface of the root system, creating a protective cocoon around the roots that will encourage exchanges with the rhizosphere and the development of new roots.

This action is reinforced by the presence of the trace elements needed for a good start of planting. The combined action of all these elements enables PraliGel Flo to provide physical and active protection for the roots against dehydration, to develop the root system thanks to the phytohormones in the seaweed extract and to activate the bacterial flora and exchanges with the rhizosphere thanks to the presence of micro-organisms, which will also encourage root development and facilitate access to mineral resources.
PraliGel Flo can be used in Organic Agriculture in accordance with current European regulations.

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