The SIVAL Innovation Competition has one sole goal: to award prizes for the most innovative equipment, products and services in the plant production sector..

The main stages of the SIVAL INNOVATION competition

  • Each project will be submitted to an expert, chosen for his expertise, and specialising in the relevant field, who will formulate an opinion about: the degree of innovation, the advantages and benefits of the solution. This opinion will act as an additional source of information for the judging panel.
  • A shortlist of projects will be produced on 18th November . The projects retained (nominees) will be promoted across multiple platforms right up until the exhibition.
  • The final judging panel will reconvene on 9th December. The jury will consist of 4 producers, 4 technicians, 4-5 journalists and a few members of the SIVAL organizing committee.
  • Prizes will be awarded on the first day of the show, and prize winners will enjoy increased publicity throughout the trade show.

Competition categories

  • Varietal innovation (seeds and propagating material)
  • Machines and automation
  • Inputs (crop protection, fertilisation, biocontrol, wine inputs etc.)
  • Manufacturing solutions (media, supplies, small machinery and equipment etc.)
  • Presentation, marketing (packaging, labelling, presentation etc.)
  • Services, software (training, technical support, decision-support software, other services etc.)
  • Collective approach (approach that has involved several private and/or public players, working together for the benefit of the sector (information, advancement, certification, pooling of knowledge etc.)

Why should I enter the competition?

Submitting your innovation to the competition will raise your company profile and promote your business dynamism.

Prize-winners will benefit from:

  • special publicity before, during and after SIVAL
  • Access to media publicity
  • a web-based storefront on, all year round.
  • Recognition from a leading competition in the plant production sector and additional opportunities to pitch to customers.

The 2022 key moments :

  • 15th of June 2021 : First admissions date
  • 7th of October 2021 : Admissions closing
  • 17th of November 2021 : Pre-selection Jury
  • 9th of December 2021 : Final Jury


The 2021 SIVAL INNOVATION prize winners

Click here to find out the winners of the 2021 competition.