Potgrond H85 GreenFibre

Klasmann-Deilmann France

Potgrond H GreenFibre is a compost composed of 15% GreenFibre and 85% dark and light peats to make vegetable plugs and mini-plugs.

The innovation lies in incorporating GreenFibre which is a wood fibre with PEFC and RHP certification.

While maintaining the stability of the plugs for mechanisation, adding GreenFibre improves both the rewetting potential and the air capacity of the plugs; this encourages the rooting and growth of plants.
The benefits of Pot H GreenFibre
– Plugs are easy to make.
– High germination rate.
– High yield in number of plugs per m3.
– Controlled production costs.
– Improves the carbon footprint of substrates and the crop growing sector.

GreenFibre is a high-quality wood fibre from sustainably managed forests. With its technical and environmental qualities, it has become an essential additive in the Klasmann range. To control provenance and manufacturing quality, the company has planted more than 3,000ha of sustainably managed forests and set up its own GreenFibre manufacturing units.

Sectors :
Category : Intrants Protections des cultures et fertilisation
Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2017

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