Canopy is an apple variety resulting from the hybridisation programme carried out at IFO, Dalival’s research and development station. It is a very crisp, juicy green apple. With an acidity level comparable to Granny Smith, it has a higher sugar content and a considerably superior flavour profile: it will satisfy green apple consumers, while appealing to people who find the Granny too acidic and/or bland.
Canopy is also resistant to apple scab (with the Vf/Rvi 6 gene) and has tolerance to the rosy apple aphid.
Canopy trees have an open habit (type 3) which is easier to manage, especially for a “narrow 2D hedge/fruit wall” orchard, and the fruit sets more quickly than the green reference variety, Granny Smith (type 4). Canopy has good productivity, and is not sensitive to season change. The flowering period and harvest date are very similar to the Granny. We are still lacking a little distance, but the last two production seasons have shown less “red blush” in Canopy than in Granny.
With regard to storage, tests are still under way, but initial results show a potential at least identical to the Granny.
Lastly, like Granny Smith, Canopy has excellent pollination potential.
Commercially speaking, there is no resistant green variety on the market, and as such Canopy will be able to meet a real demand from treegrowers and consumers.

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Company name : IFO

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Website : http://ifo-fruit.com

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Category : Innovation variétale
2024 SIVAL Gold medal winner

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