HAEGEUM is a new variety of yellow-fleshed kiwi fruit (botanical name: Actinidia Chinensis)
developed under licence in Europe by the French company SOFRUILEG.
The innovative added values of HAEGEUM are:
-as regards consumers: a visually attractive variety with intense yellow flesh and a shiny brown hairless skin. A scented variety with a high quality taste.
-as regards trade: a variety that can cover the April to May market segment with a product of French origin, with an appealing taste and good shelf life.
-as regards producers: a variety with a good size, easy to pick and with high production potential. A variety with a good tolerance to the PSA bacteria and the main kiwifruit diseases. HAGEUM has limited needs in cold periods. Recommended for cultivation in France under wind and hail protection.

Manufacturer's details

Company name : JARES

Address : 1508, Senam-ro, Sanpo-myeon, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, 58213, Republique de Corée

Website :

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Category : Innovation variétale

Company details

Company name: SOFRUILEG

Address: 45 chemin de peyrelongue

Tel : 0613891433

Website :