Oignon Sunions®

Nunhems France SAS - BASF Vegetable Seeds

No more tears with Sunions®! Sunions® is the first yellow onion variety that addresses the number one consumer disincentive in the onion category: crying when chopping up onions. Because Sunions® does not make you cry when cutting or cooking it. As well as overcoming this major offputting aspect, Sunions® also ticks the boxes of current consumer trends: enjoyment, with its high organoleptic quality (a distinctly sweet yellow onion taste and a crunchy texture), and its highly versatile use in home cooking (equally good raw or cooked). All these assets help Sunions® to boost sales of the onion category in shops and for producers. The result of 30 years’ research, the Sunions® variety is a long day onion that also meets production requirements (yield and storage quality).

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Category : Innovation variétale
2024 SIVAL Bronze medal winner

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Company name: Nunhems France SAS - BASF Vegetable Seeds

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