Drone-borne farming sprayer for greenhouse whitewashing and whitewash removal


Want to improve staff safety and to save time?
TraitaService has been developing a comprehensive range of services to increase staff safety while providing optimal greenhouse whitewashing. With this in mind, TraitaService has set up a partnership with the AgroFly company with a view to design drones for this specific use.
TraitaService provides greenhouse whitewashing and whitewash removal services. Currently, such operations are still performed manually.
The company decided to carry out a technical/economic feasibility study.
TraitaService worked on the subject with Matthieu Pissier from Ripert.
The study focused on a four-point improvement plan implemented to:
– improve safety, reduce occupational hazards and significantly alleviate physical labour,
– achieve much more accurate and constant homogeneity,
– cut service costs by improving the quality for the customer,
– increase responsiveness with greater ease of service implementation: reduce overall service provision time for a given surface compared with manual operation, as currently provided by TraitaService.
The best technical and technological solution to meet all the issues raised, is to use heavy duty drones.
“AgroFly has designed and developed a high precision sprayer for agricultural purposes carried by a flying platform such as a drone”: The AgroFly SpUAV (Spraying UAV). As such, AgroFly is taking a groundbreaking and innovative stance by addressing the issue of drone-borne spraying from a completely different point of view… Until now, most industrial drone manufacturers had only added a tank and nozzles to a wide-body frame.
It took 18 months to optimise the AgroFly SpUAV (Spraying UAV). The following scientific assessments were carried out and approved by renowned institutes and scientific partners:
– Drifts -> ISO 22866 standard.
– Noise footprint -> 85 dba at 5 m (hover flight).
– Classification JKI (Germany) -> cutting drifts from 50 to 75%.
TraitaService, a company unique in its history, scope of activities and the evolution of its methods, offers a wide range of bespoke services for stakeholders in the plant-related and food supply industry.

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