Ntrip By Vantage AM

Vantage Atlantique-Méditerranée

Ntrip by Vantage AM is a new correction signal for precision agriculture. Designed and developed by Vantage AM using Trimble equipment, it helps vegetable growers finally use home guidance with centimetric accuracy in plastic greenhouses.
The benefits of this system are manifold:
• Economic benefits:
– The straight lines and the signal’s precision provide for a greater cultivable area.
– The signal works on the whole farm, including inside plastic greenhouses. It is not affected by topography.
– This is the first signal compatible with all tractor brands and GPS makes. Grower no longer have to stick to a specific brand or type of equipment.
• Environmental benefits:
– Farmers can hoe as close to the sowing line as possible thanks to the signal’s accuracy, thus reducing their use of inputs (hoeing whole lettuces: batavia, lettuce, oakleaf lettuce)
• Agronomical benefits:
– Because it can be repeated, the signal helps reduce soil compaction.
• Social benefits:
– The signals bring real working comfort as there is no interruption.
• Safety benefits:
– Real time monitoring of beacons connected to our server prevents any radio signal disturbances and frequency hacking.

Manufacturer's details

Company name : Trimble

Address : 935 Stewart Drive
Sunnyvale, Californie 94085

Website : http://www.trimble.com/

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Category : Services et Logiciels

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Company name: Vantage Atlantique-Méditerranée

Address: Lieu Dit Fontenay
36130 Déols

Tel : 02 54 35 00 02

Website : https://www.geo-pro.fr//