Le P2

Vantage Atlantique-Méditerranée

P2 is a GPS RTK-aided planting system. This innovative solution replaces mechanical ground tracking systems and combines location marking and planting in one single working pass.
When starting to work on a plot, all you have to do is activate the ground marking function on the guiding panel inside the cabin. Once work has begun, the system automatically manages the activation feature to achieve square or alternating planting depending on the customer’s requirements.
There a several advantages to this system:
– environmental benefits as this solution reduces the need for inputs by making hoeing easier both along and across the planting lines
– agronomical benefits as the producer no longer has to drive through with a tractor that might pack the soil, and can immediately plant suckers in fresh soil for a fast plant start-up
– economic benefits as no tractor passing through also means lower machine costs
– fast process thanks to quick implementation even in case of small weather windows.

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