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The Richel Low Temperature boiler is a condensing hot water production system. This autonomous system works with any type of gas (including biogas), is easy to maintain and takes up very little room. The 500Kw model has the following dimensions: L 2150 x W 1250 x H 1,230mm. The unit is housed in a waterproof and insulated casing suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The Richel low temperature boiler does not require a boiler room. There is a door on each side for easy access to all components. The 500kw unit has four industry-proven 125KW heating elements, which provide high output modulation (the power of each heating element can vary from 30 to 100%) for greater efficiency. Currently available outputs range from 250 to 500KW. Each individual unit is monitored by an autonomous built-in control system. Every unit comes with all necessary connections (gas, electricity, smoke exhaust, condensate drainage and heating circuit connections). Just plug-in and start heating…
Its embedded circulator can supply a low or high temperature heating circuit.

Featured innovative assets:
– Quick and easy assembly by customer (with the exception of gas connection and commissioning)
– Low operating costs due to its high efficiency (up to 108%), low power consumption (max. 3.1KW for thermal 500KW), and easy and fast maintenance.
– There are several ways of controlling the water temperature in the heating circuit:
+ Autonomous, using the enclosed room sensor
+ External control of the boiler as a three-way valve (+/-, 24v continuous)
+ Manual control for constant water temperature
– Safety:
+ Having several independent heating elements in place is a safer solution for users.
+ Temperature and pressure safety devices embedded in each unit
+ Anti-freeze safety

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Nominated for SIVAL INNOVATION 2020

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