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CEDROZ® is a new terpene-based biocontrol nematicide designed to protect vegetable crops from root-knot nematodes in the soil. The product contains two main active ingredients, which are chemically identical to substances produced by certain plants in nature as a defence mechanism against parasites. These two active ingredients are thymol and geraniol, whose synergistic action enhances their effectiveness when combined.
CEDROZ® is effective against root-knot nematodes, enabling high quality crops and high yields to be obtained.

Its strong points:
• Can be used in organic farming
• No residues in production
• Favourable environmental profile
• Easy application: the product can be used in drip irrigation
• Advanced formulation: natural microencapsulation without added solvents
• Multi-site mode of action
• No development of parasite resistance
• Can be used in an integrated pest management programme
• No interference with pollinator activity

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