Elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements (iron, manganese, boron, zinc…) are essential to a plant’s growth and functions. Primary and secondary element supply through the leaves leads to optimal assimilation under varying weather conditions (drought, cold etc…). The efficiency of foliar fertilising depends on how elements are absorbed and move throughout the whole plant. The nutrients’ chelated shape increases their mobility within the plant, thus fostering their penetration through the leaves.
Ovinalp introduces a unique groundbreaking amino-acid compound of organic origin designed by our department Research & Innovation on foliar application. Amino-acids are biomolecules that are able to compound nutrients to help them transfer into the plants. As part of our fertilising solutions, imis® optimises their efficiency. It fosters the penetration of primary (N, P, K) and trace element (Fe, Mn, B, Cu…) that are essential to the plant’s health, so they can be absorbed. This breakthrough invention combines imis® with other fertilising solutions and enhances the physico-chemical features or/and yields or crop quality characteristics. Combined with Ovinalp’s foliar range as fertilising material, imis® boosts the effectiveness of our range of products.
imis® can fit into an eco-responsible plan by reducing the need for specific inputs due to improved element penetration. Moreover, imis® is suitable for organic farming as defined by regulation EC 834-2007.

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