GLEEK is a connected insect trap using sticky chromatic sheets. It can send out a warning when there is a swarm of insects, and with its quicker and better targeted interventions on plots it helps to reduce the ecological footprint of crops. The core of the system counts the trapped insects several times per day. It compares the values to pre-determined limits. When a swarm of insects appears, the system automatically triggers an alert that is sent to a registered recipient. The latter can then intervene using the usual control methods at their disposal. In addition to its capacity for reducing insect populations, this decision support tool can be placed in situ and then forgotten. It is universal and, like current chromatic traps, it targets a very wide variety of crops, including arboriculture, viticulture and greenhouses (there is a specific version for whiteflies). When the sheet reaches saturation point, a message is sent to the recipient to notify them. The tool is completely autonomous and requires a subscription which costs less than €15 per year.
It is very easy to install. The system is delivered with a set of accessories to adjust the height and orientation of the trap. The battery means it lasts for approximately 1 year without any intervention. The system is waterproof and can be used for temperatures of -20°C to +50°C.

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