Prévimat is a web application that predicts changing maturity in Cabernet Franc grapes over 7 and 14 days based on forecasts and observed weather data, and initial physico-chemical data (sugar content, total acidity and anthocyanin content). Prévimat enables the maturation kinetics to be compared between plots and vintages. This tool helps winegrowers to acquire more detailed knowledge about how their plots are behaving, to anticipate and plan their harvest and plot the course of the wine making process depending on the differences in behaviour observed. Prévimat’s unique feature is that it can be used as a tool for sharing information between participating users.
Prévimat was produced after five years of research conducted by INRA in Grignon in collaboration with UMT Vinitera (ESA – Angers, IFV – Val de Loire-Centre, INRA, Cellule Terroirs Viticoles) and co-financed by InterLoire (Loire Valley Wines).

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Company name: InterLoire

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